Nabard, Hdfc, City Union Bank

National bank for agriculture and rural development is set up as an apex development bank with an authorization which provides credit flow for the development and promotion of agriculture, small-scale industries, cottage and village industries, handicrafts and other rural crafts. This bank provides finance to the farmers so they can cultivate good crop and can expand and develop the agriculture. Nabard was established on 12 July 1982. This bank is the apex development bank in India having headquartered based in Mumbai, Maharashtra and this bank offers training and research facilities for banks, cooperatives and organizations working in the field of rural development. Similar to other bank this bank also invites application from the Indian national to fill the vacant post in different branches of the bank. The Selection process for all the post will comprise a written test and the candidates who are successful in the written test examination will be called for a personal interview. The official website of this bank provides the detailed information regarding the recruitment and the selection process.
HDFC bank
HDFC i.e. Housing development Finance Corporation is the major Indian commercial bank that was incorporated in August 1994. This bank was promoted by the housing development finance corporation, a premier housing finance company (set up in 1977) of India. Apart from the banking and financial services this bank also provide recruitment for all the eligible candidates who dream of having jobs in banking sector. Basically the selection process is based on GDs and personal interviews. The applicant can apply through online application during the opening of vacancy. If you are the fresher and want to explore the career in banking sector then the HDFC bank recruitment 2012 is the best option to start your career.
City Union bank
City union bank is the Indian regional bank started on 31 October 1904 in the Thanjavur District Tamil Nadu. This bank was popularly known as ‘The Kumbakonam Bank Limited’. The first Branch of the Bank was opened at Mannargudi on 24th January 1930. Thereafter, branches were opened at Nagapattinam, Sannanallur, Ayyampet, Tirukattupalli, Tiruvarur, Manapparai, Mayuram and Porayar within a span of twenty five years. This bank also invites application from eligible candidates to fill the vacant post. The selection process is based on written test and interview. The written test comprises of four sections test of reasoning, English, Quantitative aptitude test and Test of General & Financial Awareness. The selection process and eligibility criteria keep on changing every year. So the candidates must read daily updates in newspaper and also in official website of the bank.

Msc Accounting And Finance At The University Of Southampton

If you are thinking about applying to enrol on the MSc Accounting and Finance masters degree at the Management School at the University of Southampton, then here is a quick overview of the course.

The Accounting and Finance MSc course is designed to meet the needs of students who have some knowledge of accounting and finance and who wish to extend their knowledge to an advanced level.

Students who have studied very little accounting or finance and have little relevant work experience are likely to find the programme very challenging indeed.

This MSc Accounting and Finance masters degree course consists of a core covering the main areas of accounting and corporate finance, and a research methods course that supports the dissertation.

Options available on this programme of study allow students to study particular aspects of accounting or taxation in more depth.

For example, there is a pathway within the programme that allows students to concentrate on research-oriented training and more advanced aspects of accounting and finance.

Your understanding of the subjects covered and your ability to use the knowledge and skills gained will be enhanced through a variety of methods and strategies on the MSc Accounting and Finance masters degree.

If you wish to apply to study this MSc in Accounting and Finance you should complete a University of Southampton application form and return it to the Academic Registrar.

Your application to study MSc Accounting and Finance will be carefully considered by a specialist member of the academic staff who will weigh up many factors; not only your academic achievements, interests and aptitudes, but also your motivation and your referee’s confidential report.

At the Management School we make our decisions in most cases on the application form and supporting documents alone. However, candidates who require special consideration, e.g. on grounds of age, disability or non-standard entry qualifications may be interviewed.

The Art Of Body Modification Branding

Through the years, man has unceasingly found ways to express their innate creativity and uniqueness. This is evident in many works of art collected throughout the years. However, such ingenuity is not only confined in crafts, sculptures, and paintings. Some people have literally made their own body as their canvas! These people are not only content of admiring art pieces; they made themselves the living and breathing artwork. This is mainly because some people find extreme satisfaction on being different from the rest or getting the kind of attention they unabashedly seek. Hence, this gave birth to the art of body modification.

The art of modifying the human body was already practiced centuries ago in native tribes as a way of making themselves look more attractive for their mate. It has taken a lot of form, such as body tattoo, piercing and interestingly body modification branding. The latter is unquestionably an extreme art form since it requires burning a part of the skin to create a permanent scar.

Body modification branding or otherwise known as scarification have earlier been used in burning identifying marks on livestock. Centuries ago. Greeks used it as a popular form of punishment for slaves and fugitives. Law offenders are branded on their forehead as a blatant sign of condemnation and to intentionally spur social disdain and disgrace. However, this barbaric act was later banned since it violates the human rights act and is deemed to be an extreme penalty to bear for most people.

Nowadays, body modification branding still exists in some sectors of society. No longer as a severe form of castigation but as a voluntary mark of association to a certain group. This practice is quite common in fraternities and organized crime groups. The scar apparently becomes their official membership mark of some sort. Some people use the body modification branding as a right of passage, especially for people who are aspiring to be a member of an exclusive group.

The body modification branding actually has two methods: the strike, where the artist will use a piece of metal to burn the skin repeatedly and the cautery, which uses a cautery pen to make a permanent scar on the skin. Both produce similar results and the scar is something the person will bear for the rest of his life. People who practice branding would claim it is a freestyle form of art, but a lot of people think otherwise. To the eyes of many, it is still a callous act that should no longer be practiced in this modern age.

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Iraqi Dinar A Good Investment Option

Iraq has third largest oil reserve in the world and the Iraqi dinar is considered as a good investment option owing to an increase in oil production. The popularity of this currency has increased considerably over time. Many people prefer to buy dinar online.

Oil trading being the main asset of Iraq, it attracts a lot of investment from foreign countries every year. Oil trade has helped a great deal in developing the economic conditions of the country and many private investors are purchasing Iraqi dinar as investment. It is estimated that once the government there reach stability, the investors will make huge profits.

If you are planning to make an investment in the Iraqi currency, there are a few steps to follow:

– Do a proper research before investing and gain a good knowledge about new and old Iraqi dinar.

– There are good chances to get scammed in such an investment. Gather information about the anti counterfeiting measures of the foreign currency.

– It is very important to find an authentic dealer or else you may lose your money. The best way to buy is contacting your local bank. If they sell foreign currency, then that is the safest option. Another place to buy currency is online. It is not only fast but easy too. A good dealer will provide you with all the details and the information related to buying and the risk involved. You can easily browse online and contact a number of dealers.

Finding a credible and trustworthy dealer is a very important thing. You must write down all the doubts you have in mind and ask questions before finalizing the dealer. You can enquire from the dealer about their ratings with the Better Business bureau to check their credibility. Look for a dealer who has been in business for over 4 years. Also check with them the certificates of authenticity to see if the dinars are real. You should also see a copy of US treasury registration. Dont trust everything that a dealer has to say to you without verifying the facts.

You should also keep in mind that the return on any foreign currency is not guaranteed. Your profit will depend on a number of market factors. A lot of people have got good returns by investing in this currency over the years.

Be sure to do proper homework and take some advice from the experts before making any investment.

Sweepstakes Scams Are a Form of Financial Elder Abuse

Sweepstakes scams continue to rack up victims, despite warnings to the public. Often, senior citizens are the target of these types of scams. Thus, sweepstakes scams are a form of financial elder abuse. In a typical sweepstakes scam, a fraudster contacts an elderly victim and informs them that they have won lottery. The catch is that the elderly victim is then told that they must send in money in order to collect the sweepstakes prize. California financial elder abuse attorneys warn senior citizens not to fall victim to sweepstakes scams.

Recently, the Federal Trade Commission announced that it is putting an end to one large sweepstakes scam based in Ventura County. The defendant in the case owned three companies that allegedly mailed out more than 3.7 million letters to people in more than 156 countries. In this case, instead of asking for large sums of money from senior citizen victims, they asked for smaller sums of money. California financial elder abuse attorneys warn the public not to fall for sweepstakes scams no matter how much money the fraudsters ask for.

In this case, the senior citizen victims received personalized letters with official looking seals, stamps and bar codes. The seniors were told that they had won millions of dollars and could get the money by first sending in a small fee of $20-$30 within a limited period of time. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the scam has brought in more than $11 million dollars, mostly from senior citizens. California financial elder abuse attorneys say that senior citizens are often targeted for these kinds of mailings.

One of the letters that was mailed out as a part of this scam states that the victim has been chosen from a pool of 250,637 names. There is fine print on the back of the letter that states that consumers will actually only receive lists of sweepstakes they can enter instead of a cash prize. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the fine print does not clear the company of wrong doing because the claims are misleading and victims do not get what they are promised. Frequently, people do not see the fine print and send in the $20-$30 fee.

Sweepstakes scams such as this are widespread and one of the top five scams targeting consumers, according to the Federal Trade Commission. The fact that sweepstakes scams successfully target senior citizens makes them another form of financial elder abuse.

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The Man Whom Touches Hearts

The primary infant boy to be given birth to in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, via the Oral Roberts University healthcare facility was known as Roberts, honoring the University’s creator, Oral Roberts. It was a proper beginning with regard to Roberts Liardon, that was raised to become a strong annointed devout leader who has committed his life to really serving the Lord by supporting and also spreading his message to other people. Right now, Liardon is a popular speaker, an important church historian together with a humanitarian. Roberts Liardon books total up to over 50 different titles which happen to have marketed over 7 million duplicates and also ended up interpreted into more than 50 dialects. Up to now, he has individually ministered in a lot more than 112 countries.

The primary focus on the Roberts Lairdon concept is the life-bringing character within the one, genuine God. His talking (and also writing) is actually dynamic, immediate, and also impacts sinful hearts hearts anywhere he will go. His own speaking in public career commenced within the delicate age of 13, as he offered his initial community dialog. This individual ended up being only 17 while he released “I Saw Heaven,” the 1st book, the particular launch involving which produced him abrupt general public consideration plus praise. “I Saw Heaven” went on to become purchased simply by in excess of 1.5 million individuals. Liardon in addition wrote the well-known “God’s Generals,” an important book in which talks about the actual lives of many of the actual most influential earlier leaders in the Pentecostal and Charismatic movement.

Many individuals adore the Lord, nonetheless few now have devoted themselves so very totally to His support, or even obtained as wonderful an impact upon the globe, particularly in so utterly fresh an age. Liardon has been honored by top rated politicians world wide, whilst this humanitarian tasks have performed much to boost all the everyday life of countless all over the world available as apparel, food, water, schooling, and more. Right now, Liardon maintains a well-known and motivational website and centers his particular Roberts Liardon Ministries through Sarasota, Florida. He frequently is certainly widely used like a lecturer and is additionally constantly linked to moving forward using brand new tasks, works, plus efforts to be able to distribute help and relief, besides the word of God, to the darkest areas worldwide, at home along with abroad to the people who would like to find out his own life-affirming concept.

The Beginners Guide To Cigarettes (Getting Started 101)

How To Choose The Right E-Liquid

Conventional tobacco smokers who want to quit will always have the best alternative if they switch to the trendy vaping devices known as e-cigs. It’s true that you might have done your homework and find the best e-cig but what you don’t know is that the job is only halfway done. There is no doubt that e-cigs have become the better option for smokers who want to decamp from tobacco puffs effortlessly while staying safe from the carcinogenic effects associated with tobacco smoking. When you head you to shop for an e-liquid bottle, you need to know that what you end up buying will have a huge impact on the vaping experience you so look forward to. Arguably, if you start off with a flavor or liquid strength that doesn’t fit in with your taste or preferences, there are high chances that you may relapse to the format tobacco habit.

The best e-juice you can buy is one that is made using quality ingredients from a manufacturer who doesn’t cut corners during the manufacturing process. Vapers who will go for cheap e-juice are likely to end up discontented and there is a likelihood that they will end up with health complications. When you want to verify that you have the right e-juice, its prudent to check whether the bottles are correctly labeled and that the manufacturer has provided useful product info and how to use it. If you want to get the ideal e-liquid for your vaping experience, it helps to go a sampling spree until you find the liquid that appeals to your tastes. You won’t have to worry about finding an ideal liquid flavor especially if you go for the one that imitates the flavor of the tobacco smokes you just dropped.

The good news about finding an ideal liquid flavor including a custom taste is that you have the freedom to mix different juices until you get the desired type as long as you are ready to experiment fearlessly. You will need to create the right balance with the flavors you experiment with such that you get the perfect product without risking a weak or an extremely strong end result. It’s true that if you concoct a weak liquid flavor and strength, you might not get the right kind of nicotine hit which could see you going back to your former habit. There is need to be cautious about starting off with a flavor that is too strong since you could get addicted to nicotine as well. If you want to discover some of the best flavors to start over with, always consult web forums that discuss the topic and check out the best e-liquid reviews.


22 Lessons Learned: Celebrities

How To Look For Celebrities Online With today’s advancement in technology we are all enjoying the wonders of finding thing over the internet and same thing applies to finding your favorite celebrities online, wit that said it would be a piece of cake. Take note of the following ways that may help you discover the wonder of finding them online as you follow me all throughout this article. Just check out the following paragraphs right below on the information and tips on how to search and find celebrities online we have in store for you. Today, the internet has proven how worthy they are when it comes to finding various things and people. Now it is easier to find celebrities and famous people all around the world just because of the help of the internet. One easy way to find these celebrities is through their fan based clubs in the internet usually found in social media available. Mostly ample amount of fan clubs are associated and are connected with one celebrity and that’s why it wouldn’t be that hard to find them. The other way around, we can also find specific celebrities to their blog posts. Almost all people and even celebrities have been utilizing blogs nowadays and that is one way for us to be able to find them easily. One good thing about their blogs is that people can interact with the celebrity and as well as to other fans, also people are given the chance to like and write comments for their favorite celebrity. Another good side of these fan based clubs and blogs is that you will be able to find email address that might be useful for you.
The 4 Most Unanswered Questions about Celebrities
Another one good way of searching for one celebrity is through the help of the so called search engine. Once you have pulled out the celebrity’s information on the search engine there will be a lot information that will be displayed online for sure; and in most cases reliable sources will be on the top of the search list. You can always look into those information and browse to those results to see and check if there will be anything or something that might link you to get in touch with them.
Finding Similarities Between Celebrities and Life
An alternative has been discovered, another means of finding celebrities online would be through the use of so called celebrity finders. A lot of online websites too caters almost all information and records, keeps tracks of them and keeps them updated about these celebs that you may use and may be very useful for you. It would be easier on your part now because there must be a lot of them available now for you to view.

The Essentials of Pictures – The Basics

The Importance Of Getting The Best Headshot Photographer Just a reminder that not all photographers are good in taking headshot photos, some may take them beautifully but some cannot. For those photographers that have been so expert in capturing best character photos they are so blessed with amazing talents and are equipped with great talents in creating wonderful character photos. You might now understand the real essence of headshot photos but for your own information, capturing headshot pictures is the best channel in getting the real beauty of a person. Commonly, headshot photograph best suits those individual who are so much interested in acting and is planning to enter the modeling career. Getting a close up photo is somehow demands higher skill in photography hence getting the expert in photography would be you best option so far in order to be able to commence the best close-up photograph. If that would be the case then you should focus more on finding the right photographer that has all the knowledge in photography and is an expert in the aspect of your need and someone who can give out the best wonderful and beautiful photo of you. It is indeed understandable that in most cases we always think of the budget whenever we get services, in that matter we sometimes prefer getting the service of a photographer that doesn’t cost much but on the contrary somehow doesn’t give out the best quality, but putting in a way that you did find one who is an expert and gives out great photo results and is not so expensive then your the luckiest person alive. One good tip that you may utilize before you chose for a photographer to hire is to get advices from your friends and even to your relatives who has submitted their photos into casting auditions so that you will have variety of options before jumping into conclusions. With that to consider, they will sure be able to give you the best advice on how you go along choosing the best and to hire the most trusted photographer who can professionally execute your service needs.
The 10 Best Resources For Pictures
Another good portal of finding the best photography service is through surfing the websites over the internet where variety of individuals offer their photography service. You will be able to scrutinize each photographer as to their origin, how they started, how they became a photographer, for how long and how was their relationship to their previous clients and with that you will be able to narrow down your search.
A Simple Plan For Researching Services
If and when you already have listed your possible choice then you may contact them and start conversing on the service they intend to offer.

How To Get Medical Insurance For A Surrogate Mother

Getting surrogate insurance coverage, that is, medical insurance to cover the surrogate pregnancy, can be tricky. There are a few different options for obtaining practical surrogacy insurance, depending on the situation of the surrogate mother and intended parents.

First, if at all possible, plan to use the surrogate mother’s existing health insurance policy, probably thorough her employer or her husband’s. Most health insurance policies will cover a surrogate mother, as their own insured, while she is pregnant. It is frankly none of the insurance company’s business how she got pregnant!

But some insurance companies are going out of their way to prevent surrogate motherhood. Take a copy of the surrogate’s insurance benefits booklet to your surrogacy attorney to verify if you can use this policy.

If that doesn’t work, there are a few more ways to obtain surrogate insurance coverage. The easiest, and least expensive at this point is to purchase a regular individual plan from a local insurance agency. Watch, again, for exclusions with surrogate motherhood. Also, sometimes these plans come with a 6-12 month waiting period before they will pay for pregnancy.

It probably should be mentioned that the insurance policy an intended parent carries, most likely through their employment, will not cover the pregnancy of the surrogate mother, regardless of the fact that it is their biological child. The surrogate mother is not the insured party.

There are some surrogacy insurance policies specifically designed for surrogate mothers. These policies really only insure a worst case scenario event, cost thousands to purchase, and come with deductibles in the $5,000-10,000 range. Some intended parents choose to add this sort of policy onto an existing surrogate insurance coverage.

But what happens when a surrogate mother and her intended parents believe that they are covered, get pregnant, and then find out there was an error and her insurance company refuses to cover the pregnancy? Or what if she loses the coverage halfway through the surrogate pregnancy?

There are not too many private insurance companies out there willing to insure a preexisting condition, such as an already pregnant woman. (And if you find one, please let me know!) The options are few in this situation. The intended parents can either pay for the rest of the medical bills in cash, hopefully negotiating a better rate directly with hospitals and doctor’s offices, or they can purchase a discount medical card.

A discount medical card will save the intended parents some considerable money, but it is not the same as having actual surrogate insurance coverage. Still, it’s a terrific option for those in this sort of sticky situation, and can be obtained after the surrogate mother is already pregnant.