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The Reasons Why Double Strollers are Best for Twins Double strollers are considered to be something that’s important for parents who have twins or maybe young children that are close in age. They actually help to make life one that’s livable. There are in fact three types that you could find possibly. There are the tandems to where one of the seat is actually behind the other and there is also the tandem which is face to face. You also will be able to find others that are made side by side. You could find it in various patterns and various accessories. The tandem is made either face to face or one that is made side by side. There are in fact some parents that in fact swear by it because they in fact helps in clear doorways easier than the side by side option because of its length, which can be difficult to navigate and turn. You could compare this will semi-trucks that will need a bit of movement so you could just make simple turns. The types that are made in tandem are sometimes actually built with toddler and also the baby combination in mind. The front seat may fully recline and could become a full seat, but the back seat could actually be like bench-like for an older child could actually ride along with the baby, but will not have the same kind of needs as the baby, which is the reason as to why it is not provided with the same kind of comforts. This kind of tandem option is a perfect choice for an older child that is going to reach its second birth day by the time to where the baby has arrived.
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Side by side types is also another kind. This type is made purposely with such design so children to be able to sit next with each other. This type is mostly very wide and there could be some concern in getting through doorways because of its width. Side by side types are favored for twins by some parents that in fact buys into the theory that twins will feel lost without each other once they leave the womb. You could actually get various cool options with the side by side type that’s not available on the tandem type. A side by side type have the option of a cover to where it gives you the benefit of covering both sides so you are able to keep babies away from any drafts. There are actually those which could be broken apart so that it could become an individual stroller which is a great option because there are more than one person present that is going to push the babies around.
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Cost of these strollers actually have certain variations, but double strollers don’t really have twice the price of single strollers.